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  • All day tea drinker, eternal thinker. 

    CrossWoodStore White Lace Turndown Collar

    We've designed and crafted more high quality lace collars.

    Those little collars do add a retro touch to the outfit and make a big difference. 

    We've been inspired by "Sweet Streets" fashion... ...

    CrossWoodStore Lace Collar

    CrossWoodStore Large Lace Collar

    CrossWoodStore Lace Turndown Collar

    CrossWoodStore Fur Collar Necklace

    And "Punk" style...

    CrossWoodStore Studded Leather Collar


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  • Not registered Created on 10/12/2012 21:29

    wooow! you are my inspiration. x

    Not registered Created on 18/12/2012 17:32

    Merry Christmas >3

    Not registered Created on 03/02/2013 17:30

    amazing hair cut!
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